5 Unique Ideas For a Top-Down Home Renovation

Looking forward to making some home upgrades to your house? You’ve definitely come to the right place.

Small house renovations are always a fun and challenging way for your spouse or family to come together and make things happen, and it’s even better when you decide to take a craftier approach.

We think you’ll like the example we have here for you, all of which are perfect to get your creativity on.

5 Unique Ideas for Home Upgrades

All of these ideas are easy to do and fun for the whole family. Why not try one (or all) of them for yourself?

Use Your Stairs for Holding Stuff

Newsflash: stairs are good for a lot more than just walking on.

There’s been a recent fascination with stairs and all the stuff you can do with them. One big fad is using the space to make a bookshelf. We all have that huge collection with no place to put it, so just chuck them under the staircase.

Other cool things would be to make a reading nook, a storage area, or a place to stack your shoes.

Bathroom Renovations are a Go

There are very few rooms in the house that serve more purpose or see more action than the bathroom.

From brushing your teeth to washing off and…erm, other things, this area of the house has seen it all, and it deserves to be remodeled.

You have a whole room at your disposal, so don’t be afraid to flush out all the old stuff (look, we had to, ok?) and add in something new. New wallpaper, new tub, new shower curtain…just do all the things and have fun doing them.

Cork Your Floors

“What the heck, dudes?” you say. “Cork the floors? Are you serious?”

Quite serious, my friend.

Cork floors are a growing trend in the hipster world, and we’re sure that you’ll want in. Thankfully, they’re pretty easy to install.

Oh yeah, they’re also Eco-friendly and much more comfortable on your feet than tile or stone, so feel free to ditch the shoes.

Add an In-Wall Pest Control System

This is a nifty trick that’s also super beneficial to your home.

Instead of waiting for the pests to come to you before you fight back, now you can just simply add a pest tube insulator.

This tube fits easily inside your wall, and all the exterminator has to do is inject some chemicals into the pipe to keep the rodents and bugs away.

Think of it as landing the first punch.

Throw up a Walk-in

What’s better than a closet? Answer: a walk-in closet.

Walk-in closets are one of the most popular small house renovations to do, and you can easily find directions to learn how to build one. What’s better, you can customize the size to fit your needs.

This is a good tip for the ladies who are looking to have more shoe space (and an extra good tip for the guys who are tired of losing space under the bed for his own footwear).

Call in the Pros

No matter what sort of home upgrades you plan on doing, you can be sure that there is no one better complete them.

We can create all sorts of building and architectural plans, including design, 3D modeling and rendering, and actual construction, so no matter where you are in the building process we’ve got you covered.

Check us out and see how we can help you do all of the things you want to accomplish. We look forward to hearing from you.

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