Did you know that nearly 85% of real estate agents who work with home buyers say that home staging helped their clients to better visualize their future home and close the deal? This shows how important home staging is, whether we talk about old or new properties.

But how do you do proper home staging? Is there a guide you can follow? Luckily, you have arrived at the right place. This article shares plenty of home staging tips that you need to know to make your property more attractive and attract more buyers. Stay tuned and keep reading!

1. Add a Pet In At Least One Of Your Photos

A pet can bring liveliness and joy in almost any environment. Whether you choose a cat, a dog or a parrot, pets are always attractive and they can influence the decision of a home buyer. Most potential customers probably have pets at home, so if they see one in your home staging photos, they’ll immediately identify with them. For the best visual effect, you can place the pet on a pillow or directly on the couch.

2. Create Vignettes In Certain Rooms

As you probably already know, a vignette represents a source of light or color that fades into a darker background or frame. It’s commonly used in graphic design and it can help to create moods and emotions in viewers. Experts in home staging are aware of this and they create a vignette-like atmosphere in a particular room of the house.

For example, you can have a lamp or fireplace in the middle of the photo and surround it with different types of furniture items such as dining tables, two chairs, two armchairs, etc. You can also add a plant for a more profound visual effect and make the surrounding elements a bit darker in color, in comparison with the central light source.

3. Hide Objects That Don't Belong In Photos

Before shooting pictures for home staging, chances are that you’re thoroughly cleaning the property and eliminate all stains and impurities that might have been left behind. In this case, chances are that you have used a lot of cleaning agents and solutions. These shouldn’t appear in your photos, so do your best to hide them from plain sight.

The same story goes for your laundry room. It’s cool to emphasize a wooden basket full of colorful clothes, but don’t leave cleaning solutions, detergents, soaps or rags lying all around the floor because they ruin the whole picture.

4. Put An Emphasis On The Right Rooms

Experts in home staging agree that not all rooms have the same powerful impact on the decision taken by home buyers. That’s why you need to put an emphasis on certain rooms such as the master bedroom, the living room, and the kitchen. Make sure that you spend extra time making these rooms look as enticing as possible and you’ll increase your chances of selling the property quickly.

5. Use Small Pillows

Small pillows strategically placed in the living room or bedroom can go a long way when it comes to influencing the decision of home buyers. Make sure that you place 2-3 pillows on the couch in the living room, maybe 2 pillows in the master bedroom, and some pillows on the patio armchairs as well.

However, don’t use too many pillows in a single place and make sure that they have a design that complements the rest of the room. Avoid pillows with the faces of people or pillows with provocative/rude slogans because these can deter potential home buyers.

6. Use The Right Lighting Options In The Right Places

A dark room makes you sad and this is the last thing you need when staging homes. One of the best home staging ideas involves using lighting options appropriately. For example, you can try installing a few light sources under the kitchen cabinets to provide more light on your workspaces. You don’t even have to call an electrician, you can use small LED lights that are powered by batteries. They are usually sufficient for most home staging processes.

If you have an imposing entryway or hallway, you can use accent lights installed on the walls. These can create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. Wall sconces can also be used cleverly for various rooms in the house such as the bathroom, guest room or living room.

7. Take Advantage Of Accent Walls or Murals

An accent wall is designed to attract the attention of the viewer/visitor and also make the room look more lively and fresh. If in a room 3 walls have a neutral color such as white, the fourth wall can be the accent wall. You can go for a mosaic design or use different types of wallpapers in bold colors to create a more inviting space.

You can also go for murals. These are usually very large pictures on a wall that represent flowers, animals or different objects. You can even have the inviting scenery of a sunny beach painted on a wall to attract the attention of your clients!

8. Make Sure That There Are No Odors

Granted, this tip doesn’t really work for photos, but for guests that will visit your home staged property. Nobody likes strange smells or odors, especially if they come from paints or other building materials. Make sure that you do a complete cleaning process before inviting potential clients to see your property and you’ll make a great first impression.

Now You Know a Plethora Of Interesting Home Staging Tips!

As you can see, there are a lot of staging tips you can take advantage of to make your property sell quicker and for more money. Obviously, you cannot do everything alone, that’s why it’s highly recommended to work with a staging expert to get the most out of your new property.

We specialize in 3D design and virtual staging technology and we can work with a wide variety of buildings and constructions. You just need to send us your photos and we can deliver an expert home staging service in 48 hours or less! Contact us today for more details.

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