Home Remodeling Check List: Online Reputation

Many contractors think that online reputation does not affect their business and they don’t have to pay any attention to online visibility such as: website, pictures or reviews. They believe the word of mouth or referrals could be the only source of clients and work. As this can be a good option in today’s digital world, most of the clients first will go online to check potential contractor before they pick up the phone and schedule an estimate.

In this article I will share with you were to search for contractors and what to verify before you start scheduling estimates for you project.

There are many options on where you to check the contractors online reputation and their good standing. The first one that you should check is contractor’s website. Website will allow you to determine when the contractor was established, what type of service they provide and where they are located, as well as read a little bit more about their company. Don’t forget to go and check the gallery and go over all the pictures. Learn as much as possible about the company, so you know of the benefits this contractor can offer.

Other option could be platforms; that provide online reviews. There are a hundreds of them however I will provide you the most popular ones.

The first and the oldest is Angie’s List. This reviews platform is available for over 20 years and mostly services contractors and home service companies. Most of contractors are available on this platform with many verified reviews (as Angie’s List has solid reputation in verifying customer reviews) that can be good source of information for potential client. Don’t hesitate to read all of the reviews of each contractor before hiring. That may help you to make right decision before you schedule anyone for in-home consultation.

Second very popular option is Google. This option is the easiest one, because you can tape in the contractor name and all the information should pop-up. Google will provide you the option to verify potential contractor that will be Google Maps and Google Reviews. Google Maps will provide you information where the contractor is located and how far the location is from your property. Google Reviews will allow you read all about customers experiences with potential contractor.

Other relatively new option for contractors is Houzz. This platform allow contractors to upload project pictures and gather reviews from their customers. You will be able to go over the contractor portfolio and find what type and size of projects contractors can handle. In addition all pictures from the projects are backed up with customers reviews so you can have better idea what you get when you work with this company.

Yelp can be another options for checking the contractor online reputation, however Yelp favorites the reviews for long term users. If new customer post the review for contractor or any other company and has been relatively new on Yelp the review will go the filter and will not be shown on the contractor profile. You can go to filter and read all the reviews available for you however you can make your hiring decision based available reviews on the profile. This is the reason why most of contractors profiles will have no more the 20 available reviews.

I didn’t forget about one of the most used platform in the past- BBB. The BBB works little bit in a different way than other platforms. They are more concentrated on customer complains then reviews. If you’re not satisfy with contractor work you go to BBB, find the company and file the complaint. Potential customer can read about negative experience with that particular company. The reviews option is available on BBB however is not as popular as on the other options.

As I mentioned before you can find much more online options to verify contractors reputation. I gave you the most popular in Illinois and based on these five above you will have a solid idea where to start. I believe that every contractor should provide excellent service, strive for good online reputation and deliver desired results. As you may know remodeling can be overwhelming and stressful. You don’t want to put yourself in position where you are not sure that you made the right decision by hiring the right contractor. That’s way I encourage you to take time and use my guide above to make sure that the contractor you planning to use is the right fit for you and your project.

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