Home Remodeling Check List. Why You Should Verify Contractors Location.

Many of you could ask why should I check or even bother where contractor is located and what type of property is that?

We can recognize many different contractor property types; however not all of them can provide valuable information to potential clients. You will find out that most common property type that is used by professionals are office/showroom or home address. It’s very important to understated the difference between company’s locations/property  type  they use, will give your idea of what kind of support or service they offer.

In this post I will share with you, why you should consider hiring company with office/showroom location instead of home located office.

Many contractors or design-build companies will choose to be located in the office/showroom. Those companies are in general well established with very good reputation and provide excellent service. They take time to hire professionals and experienced workmen in different trades with written operating manuals for every department. They have all necessary licenses, insurances as well as they have all fundamental knowledge to obtain required permits. Office staff and management team will be involved in the project, to provide the best possible solutions and full support in every phase of the project. Communication will be outstanding as multiple office and filed professionals will be involved in the project. They will be happy to answers all or any questions/concerns you may have. In addition contractors with office/showroom location usually have all products on display like cabinets, counter tops, doors, windows,  hardware, flooring covering, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, etc. Those products can be selected during the design process and deliver to project jobs site without hassling around with different stores or suppliers. This type of service will shorten the whole selection process and save you time.

The other option is to consider company with home office location. This company most of the time is structured with one main lead person and supporting workers. The small business is managed from home by one person without any additional support. The main point of contact will be lead person that will handle management, billing, material order necessary products, scheduling and other tasks. The communication will not be as efficient as every client deserves.

Every client will have different approach before hiring contractor for next remodeling project.

I can only encourage everyone to hire contractor or company with the showroom. This will be the best choice for the home remodeling project. As most of the projects may be overwhelming and stressful; as well as a large size investment. For something like that you want to have professional team and support not necessarily one person to run your project.

I hope all of the information above can help you make the right decision, once you are ready to hire contractor. Once your project is completed you and your family can enjoy the new space.

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