Kitchen Counter Tops

When remodeling a kitchen there are a lot of decisions to make one of them is kitchen countertops. Before choosing the right countertop there are different things to consider like: your kitchen design, material of the countertop, price/budget, maintenance of the countertop, durability, style options.  Before making the final decision, you need to learn little bit about the products. Here we have  some helpful information for you about few types of countertops as well as  pros and cons:

– Granite- most popular type of countertop, comes in wide variety of colors, low or no  visible seams, heat resistant, durable surface, no two pieces are alike, making each countertop unique, improves home value, its fairly expensive, needs periodic sealing in order to protect it from stains

– Laminate- it’s a thick layer of plastic laminate material bonded to a core of particleboard or MDF, hundreds of colors and styles, most affordable, easy installation, looked as “cheap”-its a disadvantage when selling a home, can peel, chip, scorch

-Marble-high in demand because of its unique appearance and veined patters, its a high maintenance material, needs repeated sealing, easily can be scratched, expensive

-Quartz- it’s a manmade material, beautiful,  many different colors and styles, durable and less susceptible to scratches, heavy, must be installed by professionals, expensive

– Concrete- gives home “that one of a kind look”, created and poured on site, can have different colors and texture, polished, can be shaped to fit any size, very heavy and could get expensive

-Wood (aka butcher block)- beautiful, unique, ideal for work surface, medium maintenance, will show marks, most subcortical to cracking or changing shape due to moisture.

-Stainless Steel- custom fabricated, gem-resistant, gives kitchen commercial look, very expensive

Whatever choice you make for your kitchen countertop the most important thing is to make sure that it will work for you and your lifestyle as well as your home design.

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