Are you looking for interior styling ideas for your custom-build home?  Check out these new construction designs for some amazing ideas.

If you are planning a medium to large scale renovation or any new build, you’ve probably been scouring the internet for design ideas.  Some of us can’t just leave it up to the architect and interior designer.

If we are going to build custom, we want every detail exactly right. We need fun and functionality. We need unique ideas that add an artistic flair to our efficient home. We need our homes to be as green as possible. 

Let’s look to the professionals in interior styling for custom homes for some innovative ideas.

Green Options in a Modern Setting

We all have the responsibility to live as eco-friendly as possible.   Here are some ways to do your part while adding to the allure and even value of your home.

Solar Panel Energy

Solar is a renewable energy source that reduces electricity bills. It is still considered the best option long term if you live in a climate with few cloudy or rainy days.

Light Fixtures

Fixtures can often be found made out of recycled or eco-friendly products like bamboo or iron.

Steam Showers

Use 7 times less water while receiving sauna style detoxing in your home. 

Water Filtration

Most have homes with a potable water supply.  Sophisticated water filtration systems will filter out toxic chemicals but keep the minerals needed for proper absorption. 

Green Appliances

Energy Star approved appliances will help save water and electricity and are offered by some of the top brands.

Faucets and Sinks

Choose a flow rate of 1.0 GPM for your faucets.  You can even design your sink to recycle water into the latrine for extra efficiency.  Re-routing greywater to plants or the yard can be extremely beneficial in saving water.


It is important to have the proper insulation on both walls and floors.  This is a huge energy saving tip that many people overlook.

Hydroponic Garden Tower or Wall

Hydroponics is aesthetically pleasing, energy-saving, space-saving and just might convince you to eat more leafy greens.

Wall Outlets

Skip the power strips by installing plenty of wall outlets in each room, at different heights.  Don’t forget to add USB slots to each outlet.

Tricks to maximize floor space

Get the most out of your square footage with these tips.  Use a combination of them to eliminate junk drawers or closets in any room.

Secret Doors

Turn a bedroom entry into a bookshelf and hide the actual door.  This could eliminate a freestanding bookshelf or two and may even give you a bit more privacy.

Barn Doors

As trendy as they are, a sliding barn door can save space by not actually opening into the room.  Use a splash of color on the wood to add a unique touch.

Collapsible or Sliding Furniture

If you don’t have as much square footage as you would like, consider collapsible furniture or furniture that transforms into something else.  This can be especially handy in a guest room/office combo.

Furniture with Built-In Storage

Like the bookshelf door, many couches, benches, and tables have built-in and sometimes hidden storage that can help save space and cut back on clutter.

Fun yet functional additions

These simple additions can change the entire feel of your home.  You have function down, now add the touches that will make you feel relaxed in your space.

Reading Nook

Who doesn’t love to curl up with a good book?  Add a reading nook complete with cushions, pillows, lamps and natural light sources.


A sunroom can double as a breakfast room or even a garden room.  Enjoy sunlight without the bugs and heat of the outdoors.

Shelved stairs

Add shelves to the stair design to showcase sculptures, candles or photos.  Or add drawers and use to store your off-season wardrobe.


Skylights can be present in every room of your house.  Not only do they offer free lighting, but they also make the space feel light and open.


Creative touches are what will set your home apart.  Add one of these new construction designs that your friends and neighbors have never seen before.  

Showcased Plants

Some plants thrive indoors and can be ‘put on display’ behind glass or in an enclosed courtyard garden.

Unexpected Light Sources

Add mirrors in front of large picture windows, half walls and glass blocks to add more light.


Switch it up. Use a mixture of brick, stone, wood, and concrete even in the same room.  Color only comes to life when it has the support of texture. 

Build Including the Outdoors

Use preexisting rock as a wall or build a glass enclosure around a fruit tree in the center of a room or hallway.  Try to incorporate trees or cactus instead of tearing them down.

Art and Furniture

Consider custom pieces from local artisans over big box store purchases.  Mix in antiques and second-hand items to add personality to each room. This ensures your style cant be imitated.

A Few Tips For Moving

Declutter First: 

Consider gifting or selling clothes and furniture before you move.  Why pay movers to carry things you don’t even want anymore? Try to purge pre-move. It’s probably even worth hiring help for this step as opposed to doing it post-move.

Get Ultra Organized

Organize your space before you actually move into it.  Draw it out or use a sketchbook app to see the layout ahead of time. This will save time and backaches by not having to rearrange repeatedly once in. 

It will probably save you from scraping up your freshly painted walls as well.

Decorate Immediately

Paint and decorate right away or it may not happen.  If life lets you, make it a priority to finish the house right away. If you unpack and decorate slowly, chances are it will take years to finish. 

Who wants unpacked boxed sitting around 5 years after moving in?

Applying these New Construction Designs in Your Home

Your brand new home or remodel will be breathtakingly unrivaled with these new construction designs.  Here’s to finally create your dream home, down to every last detail. 

For the very best in design trends for your home, contact us today to learn more about becoming a client. 

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