Open Concept Kitchen Layout

Kitchen is a heart of every home. It’s the place where all family gathers and enjoy family cooking. Kitchen is place where we entertain and hang out with friends. Nicely planned and designed kitchen is a great asset to any property. It escalates the property value and make it more attractive to potential future buyers.

Majority of new construction build houses have already planned for open layout concept kitchen and living space. We receive a lot of request from our clients to open up and enlarge their kitchen to make it airier and more spacious. Many times, just removing the wall between dining room or living room and kitchen makes a tremendous difference.

With open concept layout it is very important to define the areas in your home. It can be done with specific lighting layout, furniture or area rugs. Large island or peninsula is a must in most kitchens if space allows. It perfectly defines the kitchen area and function. It provides much more counter space for cutting and prepping your food. We can’t forget about the lighting; pendant lights are best way to illuminate the counter space. Your dining area should have its own lighting. Great solution to separate the space it to place an area rug under the dining room table. Don’t be afraid to mix the colors and textures. It provides the interest in the space and make it look more fun.

Open concept layout purpose it to make the house look larger and more spacious. By doing the same flooring throughout the space we make it more cohesive and unified. Color palette if your personal preference but should be similar theme throughout the space.

Storage is also an important aspect for the open concept kitchen. Since there is no wall dividing or separating the other rooms in the house, you may feel that you are sacrificing the storage space. While we design the new kitchen layout, we cover all aspects of the storage and client needs. Full height pantries are a great solution and can be placed next to refrigerator and or double oven. We then create a space where everything is the same line and creates a uniform space. Peninsulas and islands are also great storage providers. Cabinet makers offer a variety of different bottom cabinet solutions such as drawers, pull outs, kitchen aid pull ups and many more to organize your space as best fits your needs. Many times, upper wall cabinets are replaced with the open shelves. Open shelves create that airy feel of the space and adds interest to the wall. If you are not a big fan of open shelving, you can always use the cabinet with glass. Glass doors will make it feel lighter and welcoming. Last but not least if the cabinet color choice that will set the tone for the kitchen. Finish of cabinets should be determined based on the style of your house and your lifestyle.

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