Stucco Work| Houston, Sugarland, Katy

Stucco-Repair in Houston

Stucco Siding

Durable & Long Lasting

Creative Vision Remodeling has been providing local stucco services to the greater Houston, Texas region for years. Our team knows how to prevent structural and mechanical stress that causes improperly installed stucco to crack and break.

Finishing Options

Premium Quality for Your Stucco Project

Creative Vision Remodeling also provides a variety of premium quality finishing options that can enhance the natural beauty of your property and create custom shades of color and grade to accommodate each client’s specific style preferences.

At Creative Vision Remodeling, we use a triple coat system to ensure premium quality in your stucco project: scratching, browning, and finishing. The result is generally three quarters of an inch thick to resist weathering and aging. We also work with a diverse selection of stucco materials, including aggregate, natural, synthetic, sand, marble, granite, stone, and more.