The Story of Remodeling a Kitchen in Baytown, TX

Kitchen remodeling is nothing short of an art. At Creative Vision Remodeling, we have been remodeling kitchens across Harrison County Texas for a long time now and one thing that we have learnt in all these years is that when it comes to remodeling kitchens, nothing beats creativity. No matter what the restraint might be-you might have a small kitchen or you might be working with a low budget, if you have creativity, you can still make absolutely stunning kitchens. In the following post, we would be sharing a story about how we remodeled a modest kitchen in Baytown, Texas.

We have been offering professional services inĀ Kitchen Remodeling Baytown, TX for quite some time now and we have helped a large number of residents to remodel their kitchens. This is the story of Samantha and Michael Leroy, who are one of our regular customers. They had this small kitchen which we were asked to remodel. We went in there, got some measurements and showed them several designs within a few days. Once they finalized everything, we went to work.

Cabinetry and Home Styles

The first thing we changed was the storage. We used a combination of cabinets as well as shelves. We used shelves to make things visible in plain sight. This created an illusion of space and made the kitchen appear bigger. We used copper pipes for the shelves as it gave a unique look.

How to Use Color

We also went for an island as it maximizes the work place and also adds a character to the kitchen. For the lighting, we went with mostly ambient lighting and under-cabinet lighting. However, we did make it a point to used monolithic lights for the counter-tops. In the end, we had a visually stunning as well as functional kitchen that left our clients gaping!

So, if you want to design such stunning kitchens, get in touch with the leadingĀ Kitchen Remodel Contractors Baytown, TX. At Creative Vision Remodeling, we would help turn your kitchen remodeling dreams into a reality.

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