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What Better Time Than Now to Have a Fabulous Home Office!

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Like it or not, we are all spending more time at home these days. Whether you are on Zoom calls with your customers and office mates or teaching your fifth grade Math class on-line. Everyone is dealing with the new demands of working from home. We now view our favorite Late-night TV hosts and News Anchors live from their own homes.

We are getting a look into the inner sanctums of people’s lives in a way that we never have before.
Working from your bed may have been acceptable in the past…it’s just not going to cut it for the long haul. Don’t you deserve a beautiful and functional space…. even if you use just to pay your bills.

Now is the time to consider a home office remodeling project.

You may be starting from scratch or realizing its time to remodel your home office space. It was fine working in the corner of your family room when it was you, your partner, and your Great Dane. Now with your expanded family including kids, grandparents, or returning college students you need your sanctuary…A place to work, create, dream, and just get it done!

Let’s start by identifying your space. A professional Houston General Contractor will help you get creative.

Do you have a room you can dedicate to your office? If not, you can start with a wall of your bedroom or maybe repurposing the basement space or the garage. There are solutions available even if you live in a Tiny Home.

Let’s get started by identifying your needs for your Home Office Remodeling:

  1. Do you work from home full time?
  2. Are you on regular video conference calls?
  3. Do you need space for designing, drafting or building?
  4. Do you generate a lot of paper or are you a green technology person?
  5. Do you work best in complete silence or do you need some signs of life around you?
  6. Do your technology needs require upgrades in cooling and electrical?

Here are some tips from the professional Houston General Contractors:

  • Lighting is an important key to having a space that energizes you and keeps you productive. Scientific observations suggest that when our natural rhythm of light and dark are not interrupted our health, immune system and hormones functions improve. The better we feel the more productive we are.

Now would be a great time to add natural lighting to your space. New Windows, French Doors to the garden, or even a Skylight.

  • Make sure you work with your General Contractor to create as much storage space as possible. They will help you to plan and use the space well. If you have a high ceiling don’t be afraid to use the space above for storage. Built-in Custom Cabinetry will keep you organized.

Psychologists observed that we are more peaceful and energetic when not distracted by piles of clutter. If you have the chance to watch the popular Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo or read her book Joy at Work: Organizing your professional Life you will get to observe how transformational organizing your workspace can be.

After all, you don’t want your conference call to go viral because your kid ran into the room naked while you were on a video call with your CEO…or you didn’t realize that your camera was on and your Houston Home Office was a total disaster.

Even if the organization has alluded you for your entire life, having a custom-designed home office will inspire you. Go online and find the perfect Chair, draw dividers, laptop stand, and ways to hide all the wires. Find colors that make you feel happy and creative.

Enjoy customizing your new domain!!!

This last tip is from the Houston General Contractors at Creative Vision Remodeling, a five-star Houston based General Contracting and Remodeling company. Successfully Serving the Houston community for more than 30 years with their amazing designs and execution.

Hire Professional Houston General Contractors to ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind. Creative Vision Remodeling will do the work so you can get back to work in a healthy, organized, and inspiring environment.

During this challenging time dealing with the Covid-19 virus, they are offering a Free Virtual Estimate Service. Start today planning your Home Office Project today!

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